12th Wedding Anniversary poems

My poem to Shwetha – A Promise

A promise to support you; Through days dark and days bright and blue
A promise to grow together in strength; Through times fast and times forever in length
A promise to preserve our wealth; Through good education and good health
A promise to share our joys and sorrows; Through yesterdays, today, and tomorrows
A promise to care for our children; Through fun and sun, and runs of penicillin
A promise to be together forever; Through hot and cold and in between weather
A promise to remain lifelong friends; Through man-made mends and godsends.
Seven promises uttered twelve years ago, words I never will forgo
Seven steps sealing them then, but today sealed with a photo and a pen.

Shwetha’s poem to me

It’s Year Twelve,
In the married life of a boy and a belle
From starry eyed 25 year olds,
To the maturity of 30 something year olds.
On the journey so far as I reflect
Our life could not be more perfect!
Year one,
Was about Gurgaon travels and fun.
Year two and three,
Was Penn State revelry and jubilee.
Year four and five,
With a new home and careers we thrived.
Year six,
Marked the arrival of princess Anika our little chick.
Year seven,eight and nine,
We saw our little star shine.
Year ten and eleven,
With Ariyana’s birth we were in seventh heaven.
It’s not all fun and games,
In times of distress you were by your dame.
In the last few months being unwell,
With the Vasculitis swell
All I remember is your love,
Support and devotion.
As we continue on this beautiful walk,
I know you will always be my rock!!

12 anniversary