Board of Directors

Part 1 The table at the center, enormous in its role that day One by one men and women took their place Striped suits, pencil skirts, black, navy and gray Their combined wealth of knowledge, filling the space. We were there, our company, sharing progress to goals Laying bare our inner workings, our road-map to success Each leader, in turn, speaking to their defined roles The committees, doling advice, for two hours, till recess. Experts from varied fields, slowly cleared our path Their years of experience, wisdom, pulling us back from the deep-end Sometimes just ideas, sometimes networks, sometimes wizardry … Continue reading Board of Directors

Two mothers

You tell me, I used to hold and tug your dress, You tell me, I slept with your hand in mine, It must be true, for you give me strength with a gentle press, I am thankful, for you helped me grow strong and fine. I remember, waiting for lunchtime, to open my tiffin, I remember, I loved the taste, the variety, Now I know, it was the love that brought that grin, I am thankful, you nourished me to be part of the society. I know you gave up pieces of your life, I know without complain, you would … Continue reading Two mothers

Family Limerick

There was a not so old Mylaporean lady who lived in a home, She loved to travel and roam, could cook up an aroma, She said the house was hot, Nest off, then it was not, But soon it was too cold! Oh! Maybe it is just in her genome. There was an old man with a beard from West Lafayette Who says he uses the latest tech, but doesn’t get, A laptop without a screen A mouse where the trackpad has been, Oh! ‘Tis not good, it’s only missing a floppy diskette! There was an old lady from Matunga, … Continue reading Family Limerick


A new day dawns, The dew drops sparkle on the lawns, Twenty four hours, our hopes rise, Will our dreams materialize? The Sun spreads its golden light, The day develops, our priorities fight, A full day, yet no time, Work we must, to earn that daily dime. A long day upon us stares, The Earth warms up, tension flares, We toil hard and fast, There is no return the die is cast. As the day draws to a close, No regrets, no remorse? The Sun pales in orange glory, An End… to another day’s story. The stars shimmer, the moon … Continue reading Light