Shenandoah – nature’s skyline and Luray – nature’s underground

U.S. National Parks are a gift to the people. From the bacteria that color the geysers in Yellowstone, to the alien-like trees that dot the landscape at Joshua Tree to the 14000 feet Rocky Mountains that soar over Denver to the 105 mile Skyline Drive that follows the crest of the Blue Ridge in Shenandoah, the national parks offer some of the most diverse landscapes in the world. 

Pikes Peak Region and the Garden of the Gods. A must do day trip from Denver.

14,115 feet is the highest I’ve been in my life. Pikes Peak will be the highest I’ve been on Planet Earth and that is special. Our second stop for the day was The Garden of the Gods, a national natural landmark. Dinosaurs used to roam freely among the pillars of rock. Read all about it…