Rock and Roll – Ephemeral Fame. The life and times of a Rock Star!

Drumbeats and Doldrums,
Guitars and G-strings,
Keyboards, Billboards and Hoards.

Organs and Orchestras,
Concerts and Clamour,
Girls, Glitter and Glamour.

Hits and Record sales,
Whistles and Hums,
Silver, Gold and Platinums.

Gramaphones and Grammies,
Awards and Speeches,
Photos, Fireworks and Flashbulbs.

Lights and Lenses,
Stages and Shows,
Cameras, Action and Pose.

Vanity and Vogue,
Designers and Labels,
Affairs, Lovers and Wedding Bells.

Cocktails and Champagne,
Fame and Fortune,
Rhyme, Rhythm and Tune.

Time and Turntables,
Hues and Cries,
Sex, Videos and Lies.

Ornaments and Orgies,
Fans and Fanatics,
Scandals, Reputation and gossip Columns.

Clacks and Claps,
Cocaine and Crack,
Drips, Trips and Backpacks.

Death and onto dust,
Heroes and Legends,
Mysteries, Memoirs and Memories!


Written originally in the late 90s.