The mind aches, the heart cries,
Tears roll down her wrinkled face,
Tired and bereaved of care
She’s lost, alone in her remorseful space.

She withdraws further into her realm,
Corners, loneliness and shadows form her world,
Someone offers a handkerchief, a thoughtful hand,
She shuns it, her attitude weak and cold.

Suddenly a flash, he’s before her,
She clears her tears, throws out her arm
Grabbing blindly, she pleads for him to stay,
She screams, she meant him no harm.

The illusion wanes and disappears,
The ghostly curtains twist and sway,
Her tears flow quicker now,
Her thoughts slowly drift away.

Quietly she closes the door,
Lifts the poisoned vial and takes a sip,
Three years, she’d tried! Now the moment’s come,
She’s ready for her rendezvous trip.

Her eyes shut, her pain surrenders,
She breathes one last heavy sigh,
As she slips further into sleep,
Her memories with her they die.