Madison river, Sunrise - Yellowstone National Park
Sunrise in Yellowstone, Buy Photo

A new day dawns,
The dew drops sparkle on the lawns,
Twenty four hours, our hopes rise,
Will our dreams materialize?

The Sun spreads its golden light,
The day develops, our priorities fight,
A full day, yet no time,
Work we must, to earn that daily dime.

A long day upon us stares,
The Earth warms up, tension flares,
We toil hard and fast,
There is no return the die is cast.

As the day draws to a close,
No regrets, no remorse?
The Sun pales in orange glory,
An End… to another day’s story.

The stars shimmer, the moon no less,
Romance enshrouds the darkness,
We ask ourselves, if we may,
Are we better off than yesterday?

World's best sunset, Negril, Jamaica
Sunset in Negril, Jamaica. Buy photo