Twenty Five Years – An Ode to my parents

This was originally written on March 15, 2003.


Arranged Marriage!
Ha! How can it ever work?
Two people meet, once, maybe twice,
A relationship often woven around lies!

Can you cook? Can you sing?
Can your daughter dance?
All dressed up, obedient and coy,
Does she look good at first glance?

Where is the courtship, the obvious chase?
Where is the flower, the chocolate?
Where are the planned chance meetings?
How can we leave everything to fate?

Then one day, you wake up
And realize love is always grown,
The seeds sown, hard work, sacrifices
Years before results can be shown.

I look at you, and wish, hope, pray
That one day I would be as happy,
My love to share, with one, someone,
A love that will never fade away.

Twenty five years, wow!
And still there remains the glow,
All the times, memories forever to store,
Here’s wishing you many, many more.