Family Limerick

There was a not so old Mylaporean lady who lived in a home,
She loved to travel and roam, could cook up an aroma,
She said the house was hot,
Nest off, then it was not,
But soon it was too cold! Oh! Maybe it is just in her genome.

There was an old man with a beard from West Lafayette
Who says he uses the latest tech, but doesn’t get,
A laptop without a screen
A mouse where the trackpad has been,
Oh! ‘Tis not good, it’s only missing a floppy diskette!

There was an old lady from Matunga,
Skilled as she was in the art of ancient yoga,
Her muscles hurt, creaks,
Hot and cold packs she seeks,
Oh!, still why must she get up so early to take a dip in the Ganga?

There was a tall, old man from Coorg
Who as a young boy played tennis like Borg,
He makes plans, and backup plans,
Backup for backup plans, an ongoing dance,
Oh! A hundred thoughts prance in his head, yet he sees beyond the fog.

There was a young man who once worked in Zynga,
Always playing games, making music, Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La.
Oh! but Mother worries,
Prays that he hurries,
While he taunts her more, “Life is but a game, Music is my life. Bazinga!”

There was a beautiful, young, lady who is in Sears,
She cared so passionately, that she had too many fears,
What if? What if?
Will this, this, make a diff?
Oh! Baby, one more time, it’s toxic, just listen to Britney Spears.

There was a young Jamerdian boy, forever twenty-five
Who lives in a bubble, his own honey filled hive,
Has many hairs gray,
Secret’s out I say,
Oh! Time stops for no one, just don’t mess with the sex drive.

There was a young princess in Palatine,
Who was the apple of everyone’s eyes, mostly mine,
She loved shoes,
Pinks, Purples, No Blues,
Oh!, I need more time, to make them all shine.

There was a mischievous baby in a play pen,
Who wailed until you lifted her up from her den,
She was silly,
But pretty as a lily,
Oh! How many hearts is she going to break of men?

There it is, a no nonsense tribute to Lear,
In sentence, in jest, words I steer,
Ingest this song,
Oh! It’s too long,
This year, I am making sense of your nonsense, Genius Lear!