Two mothers

You tell me, I used to hold and tug your dress,

You tell me, I slept with your hand in mine,

It must be true, for you give me strength with a gentle press,

I am thankful, for you helped me grow strong and fine.

I remember, waiting for lunchtime, to open my tiffin,

I remember, I loved the taste, the variety,

Now I know, it was the love that brought that grin,

I am thankful, you nourished me to be part of the society.

I know you gave up pieces of your life,

I know without complain, you would do it again,

I believe your prayers protect me from strife,

I am thankful, for you always catching the next airplane.


I see you, move to her every step,

I see you, your eyes moisten, when her cries pierce your heart,

I feel you holding her close, when she coughs with strep,

I am thankful, for nothing will tear us apart.

I hear you, worry about her formula and milk,

I hear you, when you talk about how they’ll grow,

I know you do it all, to make their journey smooth as silk,

I am thankful, for the ONE that placed in you, our embryo.

I know, you live your life for them,

I know, you’ll drop everything at the first Help sign,

I know, to their every wish, every yearn, you’ll succumb,

I am thankful, to the stars that made us all align.