Children are god: Anika turns 7

7 years ago, our world became brighter
A child was born, Anika we called her.
It seemed like a miracle, a heavenly gift
Until I realized she is my god, a paradigm shift.

What is the meaning in life that we search for
A next generation, a boy, a girl, to raise, to adore.
The apple of my eye, my force, my precious
Not a mythical belief anymore but one of us.

She has grown up strong and benevolent
Smart, beautiful, with a little humorous bent.
Everyday I learn to earn her love, her respect
My god is real and my purpose is to cherish and protect.

Ok, 7 doesn’t seem like a time to be philosophical
So for a girl that I invented a language nonsensical,
Here is a tuku, a sone, a heek, words that bring,
Memories sweet, Livos Salistos my darling.

Anika turns 7