Board of Directors

Part 1
The table at the center, enormous in its role that day
One by one men and women took their place
Striped suits, pencil skirts, black, navy and gray
Their combined wealth of knowledge, filling the space.

We were there, our company, sharing progress to goals
Laying bare our inner workings, our road-map to success
Each leader, in turn, speaking to their defined roles
The committees, doling advice, for two hours, till recess.

Experts from varied fields, slowly cleared our path
Their years of experience, wisdom, pulling us back from the deep-end
Sometimes just ideas, sometimes networks, sometimes wizardry math
And I, was in the room where it happened.

Part 2
When profitable organizations, great leaders are guided
By supporting voices, their board of directors
Shouldn’t we, each one of us, when often misguided
Have our own gathering of directors, invested advisers?

Part 3
A quarterly gathering, of experts in me
Sitting around a table, gathered to help, to coach
Hearing my story, my roads not taken, my journey
One by one, showing with clarity, the right approach.

Personal goals dissected, professional goals tracked
My health assessed, body, soul and mind
Financial wealth, income stability, retirement modeled
Quality of life, finding balance, important ties that bind.

At the end of the ME Advisory Council meeting
I will leave, my fears, doubts assuaged
My successes complimented, my failures made fleeting
A future plan in hand, a better me, my life well managed.