Farewell 2020

Twenty twenty
What a dent in this century
God’s wrath, Hell’s fury,
We’ve had enough! Plenty!

History repeats, a pandemic
The world frozen in lockdown
A new virus, one with a crown,
Heroes rose – caregivers and academics.

Stranger things happened
Monkeys invaded Lobpuri
A UFO, a real Pentagon story
Then murder hornets descended!

The Blue Star went missing,
No black hole, just vanished,
Travel by cruise ships, banished,
No haircuts, no indoor dining.

Flights to nowhere,
Work, School, Home blurred
Shiny pillars, monoliths appeared
Everything was a scare.

The virus raged on, millions of lives lost,
Millions more shed their tears
New science, arose from everyone’s despairs
The world began to heal, to defrost

With new victory, comes new beginning
Kamala became the first, will not be the last
The winds of change are coming fast,
Ignorance is losing, human spirit is winning.

The light has emerged from the dark portal
The darkness had not overcome it
Heroes have led us from this darkness to light
While we pray for the dead, in our thoughts, immortal.

So let’s leave behind the year of fear
Let’s let go our reasons to mope
It is here, our Shot of Hope
and with it, We wish you all a Happy New Year!